Separate the hype from reality and get a holistic view of the revolutionary impact the technology will have on your organization:

  • Gartner: the global IT robotic automation market, valued at US$ 183.1 Mn in 2013, is expected to see strong growth at a CAGR of 60.5% during 2014 to 2020

  • By 2017 SSC Leaders anticipate to have implemented robotics: 91% in accounts payable, 55% for travel expenses and 36% for general ledger

  • Telefónica O2 deployed over 160 “robots” that process between 400,000 and 500,000 transactions each month yielding a three-year ROI of between 650 and 800%

  • 90% of service centers consider RPA and 70% have the first pilots in place

The probability of high automation in the next 12 months in departments like General Ledger, F&A, Customer Service or Credit Controlling is already above 50%. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) offers savings of roughly 20-30% over offshore. It is time to evaluate opportunities now and enter the next level of cost-cutting, value-adding and quality improvement in your service delivery organization.

Get answers to the questions that have a direct impact on ROI:
  • How is RPA different to automation and how far can you go?
  • Is RPA right for my organization? Which processes can be transformed?
  • How will RPA impact my current service delivery models?
  • Which investments need to be done to guarantee the most value?
  • How do we govern this technology and how do job profiles change?

Join our RPA roadshow live in Krakow to get the big picture and benefit from the next wave that will impact your bottom-line and enhance customer satisfaction at the same time!

RPA Roadshow Team,

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